Friday, 8 February 2008

Apparently other teams can have injury issues too...

Not to tromp on the big introductory post but I'd be remiss if I did not at least note in passing the breaking story of Curt Schilling's right arm falling off. I mean, sure, he's got it tied on there with a couple of old shoelaces and some used Double Bubble, but yeah . . .it's kinda hanging there without any real purpose in life now.
This is more significant to the Jays than it might seem at first glance. Tom Verducci at SI points out that there's a school of thought that you can't push young pitchers more than 30 innings past their previous high without incurring a loss of effectiveness and potentially injury. In the case of the Red Sox, when Jon Lester sails past 178 IP, he's in the danger zone. More significantly, when Clay Buchholz passes 150, he is too. This is more likely to happen in both cases with Schilling on the shelf. (The Yankees have similar issues with their three young pitchers too).

But even if we don't over-think the matter, lets remember the pundits who assume the Red Sox have a better rotation than the Jays and cite the fact that the Jays are "injury prone" as a reason. I can't help but enjoy some schadenfreude at the thought that it's THEM and not US who will turn to Tim Wakefield for the third spot in the rotation.

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