Thursday, 7 February 2008

A Brief Introduction


If we truly wanted to make the world a better place we'd probably be off in the lab working on a cure for Uromysitisis Poisoning rather than adding another Jays blog to an already crowded blogosphere. There are already half a dozen odd amateur good'uns out there already, in addition to daily staples from Jeff Blair at the Globe, Mike Wilner at the Fan, and Sportsnet's cliche machine Jamie "deck shoes and socks" Campbell. So, why even bother then?

Myself, Johnny Was, and my co-writer WillRain, are planning on doing things a little bit differently around these parts. We've both been following the Jays for 20+ seasons and bring a historical perspective to the table that might be lacking elsewhere. As anyone who's visited ProSportsDaily's Jays' Forum knows, Will has carved out quite a reputation for himself as someone who's devoted to pouring over old box scores in order to reveal the capital "T" Truth to ignorant blowhards and cranks. A typical example Will post will address a popular misconception like this one: Gregg Zaun has a poor throwing arm, therefore he's a bad catcher and needs to be run out of town. Rabble rabble rabble. Will's going to set you straight on just how many of those baserunners who stole on Zaunnie actually came 'round to score in '07. The numbers are guaranteed to surprise.

Me, well, I'm just here to add my two cents as I see fit. In addition to day-to-day Jays stuff, I'll be posting occassionally about collectibles, autograph signings, card shows and the like. And if I'm in the wrong mood you might catch a 5000 word diatribe on why going to grad school is the worst decision you could ever possibly make in this lifetime. A solumn promise to never mention the Leafs here. From now on.

Good hunting, and Go Jays Go!

Johnny Was

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