Friday, 29 February 2008

Props for "Chops"!

Dustin "Chops" McGowan (as in mutton- chops, get it? eh?) is well know among informed baseball fans as a rising star in the AL but surprisingly, one finds an inordinate number of Red Sox and Yankees fans who don't want to acknowledge that reality.

Imagine my delight, then, when ESPN'S Buster Olney recognizes the future in this clip.

Take that link as evidence that I don't yet know how to embed the video directly the way they did over at The Mockingbird, where Buster had other nice things to say about the Jays.

Kinda nice to finally see some positive buzz somewhere besides among Jays fandom. I don't want it to get TOO hot though, the schadenfreude to be enjoyed at the expense of arrogant fans in NY and Boston is so much the sweeter when they don't see it coming.


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