Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Striking the Deceased Equine yet again.

Well hell, what else is as interesting about Jays camp so far? I mean sure, I could gush about Rolen some more, or Twitchy and I could singe the praises of Brandon League, or we could surely find some stupid comment by Uncle dick to riff on but...nah, let's go with the obvious.

Jordan Bastain has given us cause to believe that Reed Johnson will be fine if he's truly healthy and he does what he always does, which to those of us who still can decipher the argument for why Stewart would be a better choice, is a relief.

No Jeff Blair comes along and says that it's probably 60/40 in Stewart's favor and Johnson may well be on his way out.

Damn guys, way to clear that up for me!

I don't want to come off as a Johnson cheerleader here, if Reed had been non-tendered and the Jays had scooped up Kevin Mench in his place on the cheap, I'd be all into that move. but the only argument I'm seeing for Stewart being the obvious guy is the argument that when healthy he's gonna hit like it's 2004 again. I'd sure like to believe that, but upon what evidence am i supposed to base it? That's the sort of thinking I regularly scold others for! If in fact JP & Co. are convinced Stewart is the guy and shuffle Johnson off to the temporarily unemployed line, I'll root as hard as anyone for Stewart and be happy to admit my error if he recaptures his lost youth.

But I ain't bettin' on it.


The Southpaw said...

In this photo Reed looks like a composite of every Newfoundlander I've ever known...

I do like the fact the Bastain (pro-Reed), Blair (betting slightly on Stew) and Wilner (Stew, reluctantly) are all taking different positions on who'll come out on top. In any event, should be interesting to see who gets it right.


Anonymous said...

I agree.

Reed hits LHP better than Stew. Reed fields better than Stew (also fields all three positions). I haven't seen Stew run in a while, but I've heard he isn't as fast as he once was.... what exactly are the advantages for Stewart as the RH member of the platoon?

-A different JW