Friday, 22 February 2008

Morning Update

Slow news day, really. Let's launch into some bits of interest:

* The Star chimes in on ex-D-Rays reliever Lance Carter, a non-roster invitee to spring training who was banished to the Land of Wind and Ghosts last year. Zwolinski really reaches by calling him "a dark horse candidate to crack the Jays bullpen this spring." Carter might be a wonderful human being, but he hasn't got a chance in hell of cracking our bullpen. Minor League filler at best, which is fine. You need guys like this in the system.

* Uncle Griff sees something he likes, and that thing/person is none other than Dustin McGowan (aka Mr. Burns)! Griff says the Jays need to look to their post-Doc/AJ rotation (!!! the latter, yes, but the former?) and "should start promoting a top of the rotation with more upside." Oh my fucking God, what a revolutionary strategy that will turn the baseball world on its head! Blah blah blah, Burnett's worth determined by his Win total, some bollocks about about a pitcher supposed "rank" in the rotation being important, etc., skimming along until BLAM:

Meanwhile, McGowan, who will pitch at 26, matched Burnett's top win total in his first full season. He had Tommy John surgery in '04, but the big Georgia native has not been on the disabled list since returning from his rehab. McGowan must be the Jays' second-best pitcher, and the transition is happening before our eyes.

Well, fucko, you just jinxed him. Mr. Burns is now bound to the first of our pitchers to hit the DL this year.

* The Globe reports that AJ really took it easy in the offseason to save his bullets for the regular season. He's not ready to throw live BP, etc. Seems like a non-story...

* Troy Glaus takes the high road on comments from Doc that might have be interpreted as a diss. To refresh your memory, Doc said he was enthused about Rolen's arrival because it brought "a sense of urgency to the team which was lacking in 2007." Instead of ripping a respected former teammate a new one:

Glaus listened and paused before he answered.

"I don't think anyone with (the Jays) wanted to win more than I did," Glaus said. "Would I have rather stayed healthy? No doubt. No one wants to get hurt."

No slight was intended and none perceived. Good luck in STL, Big Troy.

Gary Sheffield is feuding with ex-agent/Satanic Affairs liason Scott Boras. These two assholes deserve each other.

* Manny's saying he wants to retire with the Bosox. Give it a few days...

* Will the Mets and Phillies throw down this year? Players from both sides seem to think they will. I guess this goes to show that most players are hardly more mature than your average bulletin board poster.

-- Johnny Was


Tao of Stieb said...

After answering the question, Glaus went off into a corner and sulked for five minutes. Then he made a Halladay paper doll and tore in up in a rage.

He now has paper cuts, and is out for 1-2 weeks.

Jonathan said...

"If the Jays go with the usual bullpen contingent of six, that leaves just one spot open. They may also decide to go with seven relievers."

No, no...they only ever USE six. Does anyone carry 11 pitchers?

The Southpaw said...

None of the real journos has mentioned him yet, but if your 7th releiver gets used once a year on the vernal equinox, wouldn't they be keeping rule V pickup Randy David Wells?


Jonathan said...

I don't see him sticking the entire year unless something happens to League and/or Ryan in spring training...bit of an odd selection, really.