Thursday, 28 February 2008

In Brief

Trolling through the comments at Wilner's blog I came a cross this link for a very detailed article on Frank Thomas and, you guessed it, clogging the bases, over at Dugout Central. It's a long piece that covers what happened every time Frank Thomas reached first base in 2007 and well worth a read in full, but I'll skip aheads to the conclusion:

Even if all of the questions above were answered “yes” we can still only conclude that Thomas’ lack of speed cost his team a run 11 times out of the 181 that he reached first base. Given all of the positive things that Frank Thomas brings to the line-up, I find it hard to believe that “clogging the bases” a maximum of eleven times in a season diminishes his value in the least.

Really, this is nothing less than a savage slam dunk on the heads of the Griffinites who rail against that familiar topic week in, week out.

This was my first visit to Dugout Central and I liked what I saw. I'll add a link in the blogroll.


Everyone needs a nemesis. Hitler had Stalin, Maggie Simpson has that unibrow baby, and so on. Do we at The Southpaw now have one?

I noted the arrival of new Jays blog, Litsch's Bitches, to our crowded blogosphere with a raised eyebrow. My surprise came at the recollection that it was I in fact who had coined the phrase "Litsch's Bitches" over in the Jays forum at ProSportsDaily last May. I'm ok with them using the name, but I do think some credit should be thrown my way. I mean, we went with the Southpaw, not "The Beej", which everyone knows to have been a DJF creation.

I'm just saying is all...

-- Johnny Was

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