Monday, 18 February 2008

From the Morning Papers

Aw, yeaaaaa. The winter lull is over and we're actually starting to get some meatier stories out of the professional journos down in Dunedin. Mark Zwolinski at the Star writes that Alex Rios has reportedly come to camp sporting a mohawk, staying true true to his punk rock roots. Lexi has skipped winter ball in favour of the gym and apparently he's been launching moon rockets in early BP.

His power has improved noticeably, especially to straightaway centre – he blasted the first pitch he saw over the screen in dead centre – and the gap in right-centre.

Also, JP and Rios' agent, Paul Kinzer, are planning to get serious on contract talks. Zwolinski sees a 4-year deal as a minimum target. It doesn't sound like the proposed deal to send him off to the Giants back in December put him off too much. After a Rios deal is squared away JP will likely move straight on to hammering out an extension for Aaron Hill.

Wishing Rios well with the new 'do. It didn't work out to well for this loser.

Elsewhere, Venezualan drunkard Gustavo Chacin is at least throwing again, which I guess could be a good thing depending on your perspective on life. Zwolinski doesn't think he's a serious contender for the 5th starter spot, which is likely going to Casey Janssen. Gus apparently can be sent down to AAA Syracuse, which probably isn't a bad place for him until he has a vision quest and decides to get his shit together.

-- Johnny Was

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