Friday, 14 March 2008

Beggars can't be choosers

It seems the Mets are being a little bit picky about who they want as their fourth OF. Not that they're in a real position to be doing this, but Rosenthal states that:

The Rays ideally want to replace Rocco Baldelli with a switch-hitter who could provide strong late-inning defense in right field and back up B.J. Upton in center. The Angels' Reggie Willits fits that description, but is said to be unavailable. Free agent Kenny Lofton and the Brewers' Gabe Gross are among the left-handed hitting possibilities. The Blue Jays' Reed Johnson, a right-handed hitter, also might fit, but many clubs view him as an injury risk. The Mets like Johnson, but would prefer an outfielder with more power.

So now the Rays are getting in the Johnson rumours? This one came out of Left Field. Still, it's hard to see why clubs would think of him as an injury risk. I mean he only had major back surgery. It's not like he had TJ surgery or anything...

Still, it's funny that the Mets want an OF with more power. If they got an OF with more power, he'd probably be starting...seriously, New York, you're not exactly dealing from a position of strength here. Take what you can get.

Rosenthal had some more news on Janssen & League

One Blue Jays official described the season-ending loss of right-hander Casey Janssen as "a gut shot," but right-hander Brandon League looks like he might fill a significant bullpen role. League, who pitched in only 14 games due to shoulder and oblique problems last season, is throwing 92 to 94 mph — not as hard as he did in 2006, but hard enough for the Jays to envision a possible League-Jeremy Accardo-B.J. Ryan combination in the late innings.

I'd heard League was throwing 96, but all this good news on League seems to indicate that he's going to be playing a key role in 08. I can't wait to see how dominant he could be in a full season.


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The Southpaw said...

Remember all those non-tender rumours earlier in the offseason? Had JP gone that route life would've been a whole lot simpler.