Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Plan Nine Successfully Executed

Nothing . . . well, no, probably a lot of things but it's a figure of speech so just roll with it, m'kay?

Nothing is so satisfying as brainstorming up a potential trade and tossing it onto the net as if it were real and then seeing, lo and behold! - it comes to pass.

Last week, our comrades over at DJF observed that a natural destination for the apparently headed for the door Reed Johnson would be the suddenly injury-riddled New York Mets. The thought firmly shoved into the tubes of teh interwebs then, one could only wait to see what might spring from the seed thus planted.

Well, I am happy to report that Stoten's devious scheme has indeed born fruit! Witness this item from the ever diligent folks at Rotoworld:

The Mets have checked in with the Blue Jays in regards to the availability of both Reed Johnson and Shannon Stewart, according to the New York Post.
Joel Sherman speculates that the Mets would prefer Johnson because of his ability to play all three outfield positions. The Jays surely wouldn't ask for much in return if they found someone willing to take on his entire $3.275 million salary.

Now, as you know, I'm cool to the idea of Stewart being better than Johnson, (though I have consoled myself with the knowledge that if Reed is gone, Stew's first pulled hammy brings on Adam Lind, who ought to have the job anyway) however, IF we are going to make that choice, I'm pleased to know that there is a potential destination for his whole contract, and that there is a potential player in return, even if it be a minor one. Remember, Brian Wolfe was a "minor" return, too.

Now . . . if I can just get the Mets interested in sending us Ambiorix Burgos in return . . .

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