Wednesday, 5 March 2008


I was reading The Star today and I noticed that they had these sections on each of the players. They ask a couple of basic questions - who would you want to play you in the movies, who's your favourite player and so on. I can't find the online link, but today the spotlight was on Jason Frasor. The question asked was something to the effect of "What would you die for/most want?". You know what Frasor's answer was? "Scott Downs' Contract".

Really? Downs contract? All the players with high contracts on the team, and you choose Downs'? Not, you know, the guy making 126 million, but Downs?

My only guess was that he was thinking about a RP contract, but still. He could have mentioned any contract...



Drew said...

He wants downs contract because he knows Gibbons doesn't trust him in any important situations. With all the other bullpen people they have, he is a great fifth inning bullpen guy!

The Southpaw said...

The thing about Frasor of last year is that he would be awesome for a good stretch, then do a total week long meltdown. All of his bad outings are bunched up together. Kind of makes one wonder if he's got a mental block or something, b/c by all other measures he should be a pretty solid reliever.