Saturday, 22 March 2008

How the mighty have fallen

I was looking across Rotoworld and wondered what our old pal Shea Hillenbrand was up too. Thought this was amusing.

Free agent Shea Hillenband said he's had feelers from only one club, the Giants, so far this winter.
"Something will come up," he said. "I've got about 10 years to go." Hillenbrand will likely get a major league deal this winter, but it's not going to be for the usual $5 million-$6 million.

By the way, the date on that roto-update? Jan 1. I still don't think he's received as much as an MLC. Feel free to tell me if he has though. One thing is for sure - you know you're in trouble when even the Giants won't give you a MLC. I still can't believe we got our closer for this piece of shit.

You know, this wasn't going be the point of my post, but imagine how good the Giants could have been:

Rotation - Cain, Liriano, Lincecum, Zito, Lowry/Bonser?
Bullpen - Nathan, Accardo, Wilson, Hennessey, etc.

Now granted, they still wouldn't have a single offensive player. But damn, that pitching staff is incredibly scary. As long as that lineup could score 1 run a game, they'd win 3 out of every 5 games. A 600 winning % gets them to 97.2 victories a year. Could someone remind me why Brian Sabean still has a job, and I don't?


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