Sunday, 23 March 2008

Cue in 5...4...3...2....

Blair is reporting that Scott Rolen injured his finger during infield practice today:

Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Scott Rolen was en route to Baltimore Sunday to see a hand specialist, after suffering a non-displace fracture of his right middle finger during infield drills on the backfield at Knology Park.

Rolen also ripped the nail off his finger.

While this stinks on a deep and abiding level, I am not well versed enough in this sort of injury to discuss (a) what effect it will have on his hitting long term and (b) how long it will take before he can take the field again.

What I do know is that the inevitable chorus of pessimists will sing with one voice "SEE? We TOLD you he was injury prone!!"

They will whine and moan about what an awful decision it was to trade Glaus for Rolen and predict three years of missed games at 3B. All because a bad hop causes an injury wholly unrelated to any thing that has ever happened with Rolen before. It goes without saying the Jays can't afford for this trend to continue, and that we need Rolen on the field and productive with all possible dispatch. As an admittedly huge fan of Rolen, I will be particularly anxious to see the reports in the coming day or two, that said, if you encountered any self styled expert, either around the water-cooler or writing for a major metro newspaper, who says anything at all about this being a sign of being "injury-prone", you can dismiss all future commentary from said person as unworthy of your attention.

Shit happens. Whatayagonnado?


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The Southpaw said...

I'm going to be crazily optimistic about this. Alfonso Soriano only missed a week with a similar injury (though he didn't lose the nail), so Rolen could theoretically be back for the home opener (ya, I just made that date up). The injury didn't effect Soriano's hitting, either.

Think positive!