Sunday, 11 May 2008

BWNR, Vol 4

Here we go again with the largely ignored Bi-Weekly Narcissistic Rankings. The are presented this week by your lovely hostess Summer Glau, and offered largely without comment since a great many of the teams played something close to .500 ball the last two weeks and thus tended to crowd up in the middle of the rankings. The whole middle third of the list is largely a subjective ranking and you could make a case for putting pretty much any of those teams above the others.

I remind you again that this is based largely on results. Don't think for a minute that I think that Oakland and Florida (for instance) are ACTUALLY among the 10 best teams in baseball.

1. Arizona
2. Boston
3. Los Angeles Angels
4. Chicago Cubs
5. St. Louis
6. Oakland
7. Florida
8. Philadelphia
9. Tampa Bay
10. Houston
11. NY Mets
12. LA Dodgers
13. Atlanta
14. Cleveland
15. NY Yankees
16. Minnesota
17. Chicago White Sox
18. Milwaukee
19. Baltimore
20. Toronto
21. Kansas City
22. Detroit
23. Pittsburgh
24. Texas
25. Seattle
26. Cincinnati
27. Colorado
28. Washington
29. San Francisco
30. San Diego

I am pretty stunned that it is taking so long for some clearly inferior teams to fade, and for several clearly talented teams to rally. I wonder if the whole season will be this wacked?



The Southpaw said...

The BWNR is also highly useful is establishing your taste in women ;)


The Southpaw said...

Mine is an evil laugh . . .