Sunday, 25 May 2008

The YBD Award for May 2008

Short and sweet this time because I'll be around again with the rankings later on tonight but I could not resist this. One of the Legendary Baseball Geniuses who follows the Jays and has access to and (surprisingly, the knowledge to use) a telephone called into Mike Wilner's JaysTalk post game show today after the game and said, as well as I can quote directly, this:

"The Jays are not out of their offensive problem because they are still hitting .229 with runners in scoring position."

Um, ya, ok.

Hey, dumbass - what good does it do to quote the season total of a statistic which includes within it the slump as if it means any DAMN thing about what has been happening SINCE the slump???

IF we are talking about whether or not the slump has ended - as you were! - then all that matters is what has happened SINCE the slump has ended - if it has.

And just because I know you are too damned lazy (to say nothing of stupid) to look it up for yourself, I'll tell you: the Jays are 35 for 106 w/RISP since the second game of the double header.

that's a robust .330!

So, yeah, You Big Dummy, the offense IS out of that particular slump. Thanks for playing, here's a lovely version of our home game.


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