Friday, 9 May 2008

Wilkerson? Srsly?

What's the thinking here? Collect every available guy who hasn't been better than marginal since 2004? This is going to address the teams offensive issues?


A published report suggests that the latest has-been to suit up for the Jays is Brad Wilkerson for whom JP has apparently long had a creepy fetish. Look, if we are going to live in the past why don't we go back to the 80's when the music and Tony Fernandez were both great?

Suggestions seem to be that JP does not want to give up an "asset" to improve the team. Well, laying aside the fact that the team doesn't drastically NEED improvement from new players (it needs those currently here to find a way to break the voodoo curse on the bats), the simple fact is that guys who are out there for free are free for a reason!

The truth is that the Jays are going to have to be willing to deal, AT LEAST, a Tallett or a Frasor or a Thigpen if they are going to add even marginal help...and I'm talking here about guys like Kevin Mench would COULD play an important if limited role here.

Wilkerson? Hell I'd rather have had the freely available (until yesterday) Jason Botts than Wilkerson and I'm not stuck on Botts. There are guys out there, players teams can spare, teams who could use a good reliable bullpen arm. Instead we have our own hot-prospect-with-nothing-left-to-prove-in-AAA blocked now by not one but TWO marginal outfielders who haven't been difference makers in over three years.

Those who know me know I'm not a JP basher but he can be damn frustrating sometimes.


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eyebleaf said...

i think if the jays could deal frasor for mench it would have been done by now...but teams know that JP and the Jays are getting a little desperate they're probably asking for too much...

i don't think trading thigpen for mench makes sense. trading thigpen for someone who can truly help and is not a question mark (mench is a question mark imho) is something i'm fully down with...but not for mench...

i get the feeling GMs will be trying to swindle JP right now, while he's desperate. i know i would. and that's why i commend him for not making a deal and picking up wilkerson.

like you said, it's the guys already on the team that are killing us. and JP has said that if this ship goes down, it's going down with the personnel he's put quick major trades...