Sunday, 25 May 2008

Taking 'Em Down a Peg

Starting the day's action the Jays are in third place after finally leap-frogging the O's (how did they string the non-suckage out for so long?) and are looking up at the second place Rays. Yep, them. Nothing to be proud of per se, but let me take the erstwhile contenders down a peg.

It's hard not to feel like your corn flakes have been pissed in whenever someone mentions Frank Thomas' line with the A's. Well, an eye for an eye. Remember way back a month ago when certain folk were touting Eric "The Dude" Hinske as an early candidate for the AL Comeback player of the year? A "New Pena" many said, citing his early numbers as evidence that Rays brass could shake mega-slugger bats out of the retread tree at will.

Hinske was off to an absolutely torrid start the last time his Rays rolled through TO in early this month, boasting a 1.018 OPS when the series began on May 6. And then reality set in. Through May he's hit .197/.234/.361, bringing his overall line down to (a still respectable) .248/.333/.511. In a delicious twist of irony, Rays Index is now talking of the man so recently touted for post-season awards as a DFA candidate.

What's next for The Dude? Reduced PT and probably part-time utility duties, which most pretty much every Jays fan on the face fo the earth knew was the only role he's really fit for.

-- Johnny Was

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