Friday, 16 May 2008

Long Weekend!

I'm off to celebrate British Imperialism just as Queen Victoria would've wanted it: by flying to Phoenix for a bachelor party trip. (S: she's a great girl but there's still time to back out of the wedding if you're scared, buddy.) We'll be taking in the Tigers and Diamondbacks game tomorrow and hopefully all of our indiscretions from that point on will be private. I'll post some photos of Chase on Tuesday if I don't end up drunkenly trading my wife's camera for a bag of magic beans.

Normally I hate interleague play more than the terrorists hate our freedom, but I admit to a soft spot for the Phillies of Philadelphia. Just 2 of 3 puts us back at .500 and creates some breathing room between us and the last place Yankees. (No, it's not hypocritical to blow it off as an early season anomaly when we were in the basement and snicker when they're at the bottom of the barrel.)

And Big D starts tonight, which should obviously be of interest to you all because it certainly is to us. May your fastball be fast and your curveball break greatly.

Somewhere my beer is getting warm...

Have a safe and awesome weekend, fellas!

-- Johnny Was

1 comment:

Jay K. said...

Although I won't be there this weekend, I will be there in the spirit that I am kicking your ass in the baseball pool.

love always,
jay k.