Friday, 16 May 2008

A little self congratulation....

I note with interest that Stoeten has conceded that the boys at the Tao were the first to use the ever-more-popular appellation "The Greatest Blue Jay Ever" in reference to Scott Rolen.

That may perhaps be true, but they were not the first one to exhibit irrational exuberance in regards to the Main Man. that would be your truly. Here's a comment I made on February 20 on this very blog:

"Scott Rolen is a "difference maker" - no, Scott Rolen is THE Difference Maker for the Toronto Blue Jays."

Is it MY fault that was said in relative obscurity? So, maybe "The difference maker" didn't catch on. You still got to admit I didn't need to see Rolen set the world on fire in late April to acknowledge his greatness. I've also already said in public, and say here and now again...I think that when winter gets here the Jays ought to go ahead and talk to TDM about taking another 2/3 years onto his current deal.

He's. Just. That. Good.

So there.



Ari said...

That would be a tremendous mistake, akin to the Vernon Wells signing. Why? The TIMING. There is simply no reason for it when you have the age 34 and 35 seasons of an oft-injured player already under control to go out and buy the 36-38 years after his age 33 season. It's calling buying "high" for more reasons than one.

The Southpaw said...

conversely, you avoid potential market escelation.

To be clear, I'm not saying "no matter what it takes" sign him, I'm saying see if you can get an under-market deal.