Thursday, 15 May 2008

The Roundup

As far as polish goes, Doc's birthday outing last night was more punk rock than jazz band, but he was good enough to win in the end and that's all that really matters.. You don't take too many games from the Twins on defensive miscues and poor base-running on their part, so savour the not unpleasant odour that rare flower.

And what's this, 3-hour games now? I'll take it if they're winning.

Dustin McGowan takes on lefty Glen Perkins in a getaway day game that begins at 1 this afternoon. It feels like the Jays have been involved in an inordinately high number of sweeps this early into the season, so it wouldn't be shocking to see them come away with a W here. No jinx!

Some rando Italian at the Sun checks in on our injured shortstops and it appears that Eckstein will be ready to play before J-Mac. Scutaro is getting on base at a good enough clip now that both can afford to take their sweet time.

You've got to admire Jesse Litsch's "youthful exuberance" in offering to start Friday night's game on 2 days rest (his last outing was only 70 pitches), but please, don't cockblock Dave Purcey, kiddo.

The Oracle summarizes Wednesday's with JP, which I was unable to listen to because AM 980 here in London was playing hockey and the Fan was playing a repeat of Prime Time Sports. Why is hockey still being played? And I deliberately skip PTS the first go around, so thanks for the double dose.

Dick Griffin's new mailbag is up. As always, please skip if your mental health is fragile.

Ok, I can't resist. Why even print a question this flamboyant?

Q-Dear Richard,

What are the chances of the Blue Jays being contracted from Major League Baseball? Doing so seems like the only way for me to break my obsession with this pathetic team and organization. This season really has me at the end of my rope. If not, is there some form of sports fan rehab available?

James Riswick, Los Angeles

Sneak preview: the answer is only slightly less retarded than the question.


* The Rays continue to lock up their core long-term. Scott Kazmir extends for 3 years at $28.5 million. Next move? Eric Hinske, 5 years,$22 million? I flicked back and forth between the Jays-Twins and Yankees-Rays last night and I can tell you that fans at Trop were considerably more raucus than the staid Metrodome crowd on a Wednesday night. They're gaining self-esteem in Raysland and that can't be good.

* The Bosox are a bit banged up. JD Drew did the Vernon Wells sliding catch/broken wrist catch the other day, Julio Lugo has a concussion and Coco Crisp is suffering from naseau. I told him to stay away from the bouillabase, but he wouldn't listen. Clay Bucholz joins their ranks with a broken nail on his right middle finger.

* The Yankees too are feeling a bit uncomfortable with their early season performance. Hank Steinbrenner remains a cartoonish villan.

* Well, this ought to solve the PED problems plaguing the sport.

-- Johnny Was


Lloyd the Barber said...

Roy's got something to say, he killed some Twins today. It doesn't matter much to him, as long they're dead.

The Southpaw said...

haha, you guys rule!