Thursday, 29 May 2008

Get off the Cliche train!!!

I so VERY badly want to bust out the "I told you so" post for the benefit of the Eyore crowd right now but I will wait until the month of may ends before I go there. For now, I just want to do a BJ Ryan fist pump and say "FUCK YEAH!!" and bide my time before I elaborate.

In the mean time, this is a quick note on a completely different subject.

Can someone out there PLEASE tell me what MORON coined the internet fad of using the expression "shit the bed" for EVERY poor performance on the face of the Earth? PLEASE? I have an ever increasing desire to treat that person in a manner similar to the way in which Jack Bauer treats a man withholding information from him.


While giggling.

I mean, yeah, MAYBE is was VAGUELY cleaver the first 3 or 4 thousand times it was repeated, but now? After about 300 trillion additional useages...


Please, for the sake of my sanity and the good of all humanity, can we PLEASE move the fuck on to the next too-clever-by-half trendy witticism now?

I'm beggin' here...

How can you resist The Look?


1 comment:

sp said...

Get 'er done or however the fuck its spelled also HAS to stop. Like right now.