Wednesday, 21 May 2008

The Roundup

That, my friends, was a stinker.

McGowan finished with what looks like a pretty solid line, though the box score doesn't show that he slow danced with the devil on numerous occasions and did not look particularly sharp (Juan Guzman-y, if you will). Aaron Hill and Alex Rios have to fight for sole possession of the goat horns because both had pathetic ABs in the 9th with the bases loaded and a wild Franky Rodriguez on the mound.

An overly aggressive Hill chose to weakly pop up a ball low and inside on the second pitch he saw, whereas Rios came up determined not to swing at anything (except those two pitches he fouled off, but still...) I'd have choked on my lemonade at the audacity of Rios leaving the bat on his shoulder for a 3-2 fastball had I been drinking any at the time. Hopefully lessons will be learned seeing as those two chuckleheads provided text book examples of what not to do in that situation.

The Oracle sums it up best in a short and sweet lede: "It was as though the last week didn’t happen." True dat. After a solo shot to open the Jays first, the club couldn't score despite getting 8 hits and taking 7 walks. The Angels might have won it on defense, but the Jays total lack of hitting with RISP was deflating after a week of good-ish baseball. Sigh.

Nevertheless, even after last night the Angels are still only 19-39 at the Rogers Centre since 1996, so the odds of them winning again tonight are about as good as the Jays chances of sweeping a series in Texas. Impossible!

Marcum-Garland tonight and again this one isn't televised for those of you without a Rogers cable box. Children's hockey in late May, eh? You chose to be born in this country so don't come complaining to me.

Expect Wonder Boy to return from his hip flexor injury for Thursday's game. The question still remains: should Marco Scutaro be grabbing the lion's share of PT at SS? I don't know and it's not really a debate I'd enjoy having.

Do you dare take a glimpse inside the twisted mind of a madman?


* Derek Jeter is not headed for the DL after being hit in the wrist by from BB-chucking O's starter Daniel Cabrera last night. Erick Aybar of the Angels probably is after dislocating his pinky at the Rogers Centre. In the grand scheme of things, there's little more than a marginal impact over the remaining two games of the Jays-Angels series.

-- Johnny Was

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eyebleaf said...

i choked on my rum and coke last night when rios let that pitch go by. that one hurt. and there were some bullshit strike out calls last night (on stairs)...but that last one was right down the pipe...*sigh*