Thursday, 1 May 2008

The Roundup

If we had a flag here at The Southpaw, I can assure you that it would be flying at half mast.

is just gross. Apparently Roger Clemens' ugly woman fetish led him into the arms of Paulette Dean Daly, ex-wife of pro-drunk, sometimes pro-golfer John Daly. Do a google image search of your own because I'm not posting any pics here for fear of shattering my monitor.

Have I mentioned lately how much I fucking hate the Yankees? They're incapable so doing something as simple as putting a player on the DL without more drama than a Mexican soap opera.

Mike Rutsey at the Sun (the guy who made fun of Brandon League's chompers) says that "it's not Gibby's fault." Well whose fault is it, Einstein, because we no long have Josh Towers as our resident whipping boy? Total hack, typical Sun.

Just how shitty was last night's game? Here's Cathal Kelly's rundown of the ugliness (non-Roger Clemens division). Griff had a few words to string together, but I don't read Aramaic... Actually G-Rod does make a pretty good point about the bizarre decision to have J-Mac pinch run Stairs, rendering him unable to play defense in the 9th. I'm agreeing with Griff that that was a bad call? I'm agreeing with Griff that that was a bad call!

I apologize to Blair for the drunken email I sent him last night. The exact wording is a bit hazy, but I think I asked him if he'd move to the English Premier League beat and recommend me for his current job covering the Jays. If he is actually willing to make that happen, I totally withdraw my apology and it's full steam ahead! Thankfully I didn't distract him from writing a nice little post-mortem on the month that was, Black April let's call it. No trades, no Bonds, no meetings, no nothing. Let the good times roll!

-- Johnny Was

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