Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Early Afternoon Randomness

Was my post this morning somewhat depressing, a reflection of the general state of mind in Blue Jays fandom? Let's turn those those frowns upside down then, shall we?

I've decamped my office space to the living room for the summer so I can catch bits and pieces of whomever happens to be playing in the afternoon on MLB Extra Innings. Tuned in to a bit of the Marlins-Nationals from Joe Robbie where I made the startling discovery that the Marlins have cheerleaders. And they're scantily clad and smoking hot! Why don't we do this? There is no good excuse, none whatsoever.

You may well have already known about the Marlins Mermaids, but our numbers have been down of late and a little T&A can't but help bring back some old readers or please those of you who've remained loyal.

Editor's note: The Southpaw is not liable for any holes you may have ripped in your trousers after looking at the above photo.

As you were.

-- Johnny Was

1 comment:

eyebleaf said...

jesus. she is smoking.

you're right. no reason whatsoever.