Thursday, 31 July 2008

Good News! Good News!!

To quote the inimitable Roscoe P. Coltrane "Good news, Boss! Good news!"

No, I'm not talking about any sort of trade completed, I'm talking about what's buried in one of Jordan Bastian's updates:

Also, good news for Jays starter Dustin McGowan. He had successful surgery on his right shoulder, but did not need work on his rotator cuff. He can begin a throwing program in roughly four months.

That's better than Raul Ibanez from where I sit!

BTW, for those of you disappointed that the Jays apparently made no moves, please keep in mind that all of the chips the Jays might want to move will pass through waivers easily enough. And if, perchance, someone did claim - for instance - David Eckstien, we can always just let them have him to clear the payroll.

We still have a month to make moves.


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