Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The Roundup

Nothing like a comeback, walk-off win to boost your spirits, eh? Eh? Oh yeah, and Dustin McGowan goes in for an MRI this morning after being lifted early last night.

Dusty, who has been probably the second-biggest disappointment in the rotation after AJ Burnett, may or may not join Shaun Marcum and Casey Janssen on the DL. Not jumping to conclusions or anything, but anemic offense aside, I think pretty much all of you would've given up the ghost on this season back in February had you an inkling that all three of those young arms would be lost for part or all of season. The worst part is that Blair seems to think a McGowan injury would prevent a Burnett trade. Groan...

The biggest winner if McGowan does indeed prove to be nursing something is undoubtedly JP Ricciardi, who has for all intents and purposes admitted that this year is over. Not that the rest of us didn't already know that, but the white flag has been officially been run up, which should signal to other GMs that it's time to come calling for our Scott Schoeneweis's and Vinnie Chulks.

At the end of the year JP will be able to say that the team only won 83 games and finished 4th in the division because it was decimated by injuries to Scott Rolen, Vernon Wells, Aaron Hill, Jeremy Accardo and the aforementioned young hurlers. (Come to think of it, that is a lot of lost man time due to injury this year...) Next year we'll be healthy and make another run, this group is locked up until 2010.

Most of us accepted that line last year, but probably won't again. That hardly matters though, since the man in the captain's hat probably now has enough ammo to ward off is his own personal firing squad for another year.

The Rich Harden deal has to mean AJ is next? Right?

After starting out the year gangbusters, the flagging D-Backs are considering adding Barry Bonds to their own respective flagging offense according to MLBTR. Hmm, busting out all the stops in order to win... Radical stuff.

-- Johnny Was

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