Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Fun With Numbers!

If you listened to JaysTalk tonight, you know where I'm going with this but for the rest of you, let's play a little game with numbers.

Let's compare two teams and see how they are alike and how they are different.

Team A has a Batting Average of .261
Team B has a Batting Average of .261

Team A has an OBP of .337
Team B has an OBP of .322

Team A has a slugging % of .387
Team B has a slugging % of .398

That's an OPS of .724 for A and .720 for B.

Team A has 282 XBH, while Team B has 275
(Team A has played one more game)

Despite all this, Team A has averaged 4.29 runs per game, while Team B has averaged 4.51.

Turning to pitching, Team A has a team ERA of 3.68, while Team B has a 3.88 mark. Hitters are hitting .247 (.699 OPS) against Team A and .256 (.721 OPS) against Team B. WHIP? 1.27 v. 1.30
K/BB? 2.44 v. 2.24
K/9? 7.27 v. 6.62

Pretty fascinating, eh? Almost identical offense, and A has better, not remarkably better but better, pitching stats. Amazing.


WAIT! I forgot the most important stat!!!

Team A is 54-52
Team B is 65-40

Ain't that strange?


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eyebleaf said...

that is pretty fucked up man.