Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Enough is enough

Is it just me, or has nobody else noticed that since July started, Barajas has been AWFUL. He's hit 172/182/266 (447 OPS) so far in July. During that time, he's mostly hit 5th. While hitting in the 5th spot this year, he's hit 140/167/193 (360 OPS).

Try to wrap your head around that fact. While batting in one of the most critical batting spots in the lineup, a spot that's expected to drive in runs - Barajas has posted a 360 OPS. He has driven in 3 runs. Three. Lousy. Runs, in 57 at bats.

On the season Barajas is now "hitting" 251/297/417 (714 OPS). Now, Zaun hasn't been much better based on OPS (719) or OPS+ (94 to 90 in favour of Zaun). But this is getting ridiculous. Barajas is hitting 5th, and posting a 360 OPS while doing so. And there's not even a thought about giving Zaun a chance to regain his starting status?

Which is why I don't feel bad when Zaun said that he'd like to be traded. He's been the better player, and he's getting less playing time.

So Cito, if you're reading this, please give Zaun a chance to start in the lineup. He can't be worse than Barajas at this point.



johnny said...

I'm sure Cito doesn't read anything.

The Southpaw said...

Damn straight. And when Barajas MUST play, hit him 8 or 9 fercryinoutloud!