Thursday, 17 July 2008

Not just yeah but Hell Yeah!

Not one of my tome's this time, just a heads up to notice this post at DJF.

This, my friends, is a capital concept and deserves all our full support. the single best thing the Jays can do to win a World Series in 2009 would be to have that man DHing for us next season. And the beauty of it is that he has already said in the past this is the place he most wants to play (if I am recalling it correctly) to say nothing of the motivation of sticking it to his former employer.

I am riding shotgun on this here bandwagon, pardners!



johnny said...

Seconded, or thirded, whichever is most polite.

It would inspire the fanbase, bring some craziness to the diamond, and most importantly... lead to more runs scored.

Adam said...

Well, at the very least there's this, from an SI article posted on his official website, about him growing up in NYC: "He argued with his friends who were Yankees fans, because Ramirez was devoted to the Toronto Blue Jays of the 1980s, a team with several Latin stars, including shortstop Tony Fernandez and fractious outfielder George Bell."

The Southpaw said...

This article was awesome: