Wednesday, 23 July 2008

It occurs to me....

...that the trade rumors keep saying a lot of teams are worried about AJ's contract. I suggest this thought:

If this is true, JP will be able to get AJ through waivers in August so he doesn't HAVE to deal him by July 31. Other teams get to wait that much longer to see if he will stay healthy and if they will stay in the race. St. Louis in particular gets to see of Carp and Wainwright come back solid.

Food for thought.

BTW, a lot of chatter is coming up about the White Sox wanting pitching and discussing trading Josh Fields. Could we be lucky enough to land Fields for Burnett?


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The Southpaw said...

I still think the best way to trade AJ is by allowing the other team to offer him an extension, which will allow him to waive/get rid of the opt-out clause.

Rosenthal said ( it's super unlikely they'll trade Fields and let Crede go via FA cause then they'll need a SS and a 3B, and the SS/3B FA is weak.