Friday, 11 July 2008

Mench is back

With Wells out for the next month, Kevin Mench has been recalled to take his spot. I'm not going to get into how stupid it would be to bring up Snider now, but I'm glad they called up Mench.

This team is still struggling significantly against Southpaws and needs another strong RH hitter in the lineup. The Jays are 30th in the majors in OPS vs Southpaws, so I think it's really important to give Mench a second chance.

One of the biggest problems in the lineup is Lyle Overbay with a 241/300/277 (577 OPS) batting line against lefties. Overbay has been solid against right handed pitching, but he needs to be platooned at this point vs lefties. Putting Wilkerson at 1B and Mench in RF (or vice-versa) should be an offensive upgrade and give this team a chance vs lefties. I'll admit that I was wrong about Mench, and that he hasn't been a big help against lefties yet. But it's only been 42 at bats, and I have to believe that given a second chance that he'll make the most of it.

Earlier in the year I mentioned how Eckstein was traditionally stronger vs RHP and weaker vs lefties, but this year he's been the opposite. He's got an 830 OPS vs lefties, and without looking up the numbers I'd bet he's one of the best hitters on the team against left handed pitchers. While his number's as a DH haven't been impressive to date, it's been very creative by Cito to use him in that spot so far. The bonus is that McDonald gets to play against lefties, and I believe his bat will improve only against left handed pitching as time goes on. Plus with Mac at short and Rolen at third, the defense on the Jays left side of the infield is bordering on historically good.


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