Tuesday, 15 July 2008

The Doc Speaks

By now, if you are any sort of Jays fan and haven't been undercover as a covert agent in some primitive land, you are aware of Roy Halladay's measured remarks about the state of the Jays and his ambitions. I must be the contrarian in the crowd because I see more that's hopeful in his remarks than things to be feared.

It is, of course, a given, that Doc wants to be the tent-pole of a championship team. While others are panicking at his (understandable) frustration at the Jays not being able to turn the corner, I for one find encouragement in his disinterest in being the "final piece" hired gun. That says to me that it will take more than just money to lure him away. Many seem to also be overlooking the fact that his wife said it was important to him to spend his whole career with one team. It seems to me that one has to ASSUME that the Jays will not be better than they are now in order to reach the conclusion that Doc is in danger of getting out.

I find it even more intriguing that Halladay voiced open support for JP. I think there is a very interesting dynamic at play in their relationship and one not to be easily overlooked when fans rush to get on the "Fire JP" Bandwagon. All of this goes back to Mike Wilner's true observation that the primary reason so many are so frustrated with this team is not because it's a bad team but because we could all see even from Spring Training that this is a team that should be contending. After all, if you know a team truly sucks, there are no expectations to be disappointed about. Doc can see this as well or better than any fan - JP didn't put together a bad team, he put together a very good team that didn't produce (so far) good results. That has to be maddening to passionate players who look around them and see talented teammates not producing. For now, I'm not worried about Doc wanting out. There's a lot of baseball to be played between now and November 2010.

On another note, we are informed that the second opinion on Dusty was like unto the first - no new damage and no surgery necessary. N projection yet on a return date - JP initially projected at least a month but nothing from the doctors - off the top of my head, I'm gonna spitball August 15 against the Red Sox as a good target date.

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