Thursday, 31 July 2008

The problem with Richmond

I didn't weigh in on the fact that Richmond was taken off the Olympic roster to be a Jay, because to be quite honest I don't really care the Canadian team lost their "ace". But from a Blue Jays perspective, the call-up makes less and less sense by the day.

The Jays want Parrish in the bullpen - apparently they want to keep four lefties in the pen. Fine - wouldn't it have made more sense then to keep Parrish in the rotation, and bring up Davis Romero as the lefty reliever? I'd rather Romero gets an extended look, because he'd be a terrific, cheap option for the bullpen next year (as I've suggested before that Frasor, Tallet, and Camp should all be traded to allow Janssen, Wolfe & Romero to get a spot in next years bullpen).

That would have made more sense, and Richmond could still play in the Olympics. Yay, everybody's happy.

OR, Brian Wolfe could have been brought up - he's been having a terrific season when they've allowed him to pitch in the majors. Parrish could have stayed in the rotation, Wolfe could have been pitching in semi-meaningful innings in the pen, the Olympic team would have their ace, and everybody's happy.

Hell, they could have called up Jesse Litsch to pitch in the majors, and put Parrish in the pen.

But instead, they bring up some random guy who isn't even major league ready? They would have had a better shot of winning games by calling up any of Wolfe, Litsch, or Davis Romero. It just doesn't make sense to call up some no name like they did.

I'm probably late on this issue, but I thought it was worth pointing out there were better options available than Richmond.


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johnny said...

They sold 40000 tickets to a weekday getaway day game... would anyone other than screaming kids gone to see John Parrish start?

Yeah, I'm totally cynical about pretty much everything.