Friday, 4 April 2008

The Best Of You

If you turn on Fan 590 right now, there's a press conference that Hill & Rios signed some long term deals. I missed the info, but I'll update this post when there's more information.

Update 1: I've been informed these are the #'s...

Rios 6 years, 64 million. Club option 2015. Effective 2009. I have no idea if there's a NTC.

Hill 4 years, 12 million. Club options 2012-2013-2014. Effective as of 2008. According to the report below, Hill's option years have to be decided for one, two, or 3 years.

Update #2: According to this report, Rios' option for 2015 is worth 13.5 mil with a 1 mil buyout. Hill's 3 options are worth around 28 million, so an average of 9.33 million.


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Harold said...

amen and praise the lord, etc etc!