Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Fun Facts of 2008

With no major Jays news to report, I thought it'd be fun to take a quick look at some of the projected leaders for the 2008 season:

Home run leaders: Jim Thome & Xavier Nady with 324. If my math is correct, that would set a new home run record. Xavier Nady is apparently the only reason to watch the Pirates, other than Nate McClouth. That's right folks, Jason Bay is dead to me. He knows what he did.

AL RBI leader: Manny Ramirez, 405. I understand now why the Red Sox are the favourites, as Manny Ramirez will singlehandedly drive in 405 runs this year.

NL RBI leader: Chipper Jones, 324. Excellent news, as I'm a huge Braves fan and I'd bet that they're going to win the NL East. They're off too a brutal start, losing both games in the later innings, although they had a pretty impressive comeback in the 9th and a decent rally in the 12th last night.

Major league wins leader: Livan Hernandez, 162. Several other SP are on pace to win 162 games, but odds are only Livan will live up to that pace because he's a renowned innings eater.

AL steals leader: Carlos Gomez, 324. Take that, pundits who said the Twins got the short end of the Santana trade!

NL steals leader: Michael "Jason" Bourn, 324.

AL/NL Saves leaders: Joe Borowski & David Riske. True, others will be tied for the saves lead, but nobody is poised to be as dominant as Joe, who's already allowed an ER (off a solo HR), and has an ERA of 9. Cleveland is just mocking Detroit who has a shitty bullpen, by using their worst pen arm as a closer. As for David Riske, he will obviously be taking over for Gagne, so as a self-proclaimed fantasy baseball expert I urge you all to drop Gagne and pick up David Riske (I'm looking at you, Mulliniks' Staches). No announcement has been made, but since Riske is projected to save 162 games, it should be obvious that Gagne will no longer be closing.


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The Southpaw said...

It's too bad we can't put stat tracker up to constantly update everyone on how badly you're pwning the rest of the Jays blogosphere. Sadly that link wouldn't let us look at the team roster in question.