Monday, 21 April 2008

Noted in passing. . .

I don't think Gibby is as bad of a manager as many of his detractors complain, but I really shook my head at a couple of things during the listless getaway day affair with the Tigers this afternoon afternoon. Really, this one was phoned in from the manager right on down to the pair (!) of lowly utility men in the lineup. And we fall back down to .500.

Wells (or Hill or Rios) simply cannot be rested until we have Rolen and Lind playing because we're now short a DH (or LF, depending on your perspective) and do not have the luxury of leaving one of our few hot bats on the bench. A lineup that features Shannon Stewart, Marco Scutaro and Joe Inglett does not spark fear in the heart of one's opponents.

Still harping on that point: an outfield of Stewart/Rios/Inglett (one crappy defender, one fill-in who's usually an infielder, and your regular playing out of position) behind a fly ball picher like Marcum? For serious?

Why was Marcum left out to start the 6th after he'd thrown 97 pitches? He was promptly yanked after surrendering a dinger to Renteria a few pitches into the inning, begging the question of why we last still on the mound in the first place.

I was just going to say something about how Robinzon Diaz might as well be given his first ML AB with the team down by 5 in the bottom of the ninth and then Zaun, who I was going to suggest he pinch hit for, cranks a dinger. So what do I know?

In any event, I've been somewhat entertained by the constant barrage of abstinency commercials on the FSN Detroit broadcast. Would Michigan kids be sitting around watching baseball during the hours their parents are at work if they had the option of tapping some? But still, nice try.

Did you know that Adam Lind suffered his sore neck after sleeping on an uncomfortable hotel pillow? I swear that this is the truth as to why he hasn't been called up yet. Perhaps it's time to upgrade key prospects to some of the nicer rooms at Motel 6s across upstate New York.

Is Adam Lind a gay icon? This dude, who is a pretty talented photographer (spoiler alert: all fully clothed photos in the above link) has another outfielder to compete with Nick Markakis for his boner's affections.


I mentioned earlier today that the departures of Burnett and Thomas in 2009 will free up roughly $22 million in salary, so we might as well start speculating on big ticket DHs that could be brought in to replace the Big Lug in 2009 if money were no option.

MLBTR speculates that Adam Dunn may be on the verge of falling off a cliff despite being only 29, citing Andruw Jones as example and some research by Bill James on players whose walk totals jump drastically. Still, the dude is a lock for 100 walks and 40 HR year in, year out.

Pat Burrell is older and less durable, but could probably be had for less money. He wants to stay in Philly, anyway.

Carlos Delgado? What does he have left in the tank? It would certainly be far more politically damaging for JP to release him mid-season after reacquiring the fan favourite than it was Frank Thomas.

Jim Thome? He's off to a slow start, but will maybe probably still be bringing it in '09. Who knows really?

All in on Mark Teixeira? It would cost $100 million plus and he wouldn't accept being a DH at this point in his career. Nor should he, he's a fine defender.

Joe Crede? I feel uncomfortable even suggesting it, but perhaps it wouldn't be such a horrible idea having a DH who can play third considering Rolen's injury track record. No, this is just a dirty, dirty name even to suggest. Scratch him.

Bobby Abreu? He still walks like a mofo but his power is dwindling and he would probably demand a multi-year deal that wouldn't be prudent given his age.

Juan Rivera? Very solid bat and can play the OF well, reduced playing time this year probably depresses the value of his next contract big time. I'm a fan, a big, big fan.

Raul Ibanez? Naw, not interested. Just no.

I dunno guys, what do you think?

-- Johnny Was


Clint said...

I don't how about Bonds for DH next year, he would work now he'd work next year. Failing that a platoon of Snider and Lind, while both sharing time in the field?

On another note I read on MLB Trade Rumors that the Dodgers want to resign Frucal and use Chin-Lung Hu as trade bait. If the jays are out of it by july do yout think Burnett for Hu would be feasable?

Also, how long is Lind expected out after his pillow injury? They are desperate for some hitting.

The Southpaw said...

The option of trading Burnett mid-season is something we haven't really talked about for awhile, I guess because the Jays really have to tank for that scenario to play out and noone wants to ponder that yet so early in the season.

I like Hu, really like him, but Jeff Kent also dies of old age/retires at the end of this year and the Dodgers could easily slot him in at second and still resign Furcal. But if they're on the cusp of it in July I could see them dangling Hu. The question is what do they need? They just have so much good to excellent young talent (Either, Kemp, Loney, Laroche, Martin) that I can see them parting with some of it. But that said, as it stands now, they've got a pretty rock solid rotation of Penny/Lowe/Kuroda/Billingsley and Kuo. They might not have I need for pitching at the deadline.

I would expect Lind up here by the weekend. How badly can you hurt yourself on a pillow? The thing is how much of a tuneup they want to give him before the recall after a week off. I would hope no more than 2 games.

The lineup is immediately transformed in a very positive way with the arrival of Lind and Rolen, and that's coming shortly. Just have to get through these games in TB and KC.


Clint said...

Lind is listed in LF in the box score for the chiefs game today. Perhaps sensing a call up and luxury hotels helped him get over his pillow injury.

The Southpaw said...

I agree that Gibby still has too many of these brain dead moments (i.e. sitting Wells today) and for a man on the verge of panic mode about his job it's odd.

As much as I've defended him, if we are not rolling by the end of May I withdraw my support. Let me be the first to suggest Davy Johnson or Ken Macha if that happens.

On the potential DH - are we assuming Stairs won't be up to the task? For a guy not in obvious decline, perhaps the non-rigors of DHing might provide a nice boost. but if we do look outside the organization, I would say this concerning Delgado - if he has an ordinary year this year his price tag gets much smaller. I might tremble at the idea of tossing 10 mil or more at him per year but if we are talking 4 or 5 per, that's intruiging.