Saturday, 5 April 2008

Past Due

Not a long elaboration here because I would never be able to not remark on how the season has started, but I wanted to post - before opening day - my own personal rankings list of the entire major leagues. I hope to do this every two weeks throughout the season. Sadly, I have let it slip my mind until now and thus the impression this list is affected by the current standings - it's not. Also, I'm sure I will be accused of homerism - that can't be helped I suppose. Anyway, for the record, here it is:

1. Detroit Tigers
2. Boston Red Sox
3. Cleveland Indians
4. N.Y. Mets
5. L.A. Angels (ranked before i knew Esco was out for the year)
6. Toronto Blue Jays
7. New York Yankees
8. Atlanta Braves
9. Philadelphia Phillies
10. Seattle Mariners
11. L.A. Dodgers
12. Arizona D'Backs
13. Chicago Cubs
14. San Diego Padres
15. Colorado Rockies
16. Milwaukee Brewers
17. Cincinnati Reds
18. Chicago White Sox
19. Tampa Bay Rays
20. Houston Astros
21. Texas Rangers
22. St. Louis Cardinals
23. Kansas City Royals
24. Pittsburgh Pirates
25. Minnesota Twins
26. Oakland A's
27. Washington Nationals
28. Florida Marlins
29. San Francisco Giants
30. Baltimore Orioles

So there.


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