Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Purcey Mastery, Part Deux

Resident favourite David Purcey followed up his gem in the Chiefs' season opener with another rock solid outing last night against the Indianapolises.

The pitching line looked like this:

Purcey 6.06322701.50
Gosling (L, 0-1)1.03110109.82
Carlson 2.01000100.00

Purcey's K total was great and he kept the walks under control, pun intended, which is definitely a sign of progress. He threw 55 of 94 pitches for strikes, which is less than great, but he got through it in the end. And he had 8 fly outs to 3 ground outs, which is another unfortunate tendency. What do you want, perfection?

I'm going to jump to the conclusion that Purcey took it to heart when Brad Arnsberg told him in spring training to go down to AAA and prove himself as the ace of the staff. Each successful start leaves us a little bit less angsty about what we're gonna do when one of the Four Horsemen gets hurt. Seriously, I could have sworn that I heard Rod Black use that label for the Doc/AJ/McG/Marcum grouping during the Jays' TV broadcast last night and I think it's pretty cool. So, let me choke one back and say, good one, Roddy.

Also, Adam Lind drew an intentional walk and is hitting .400 so far. Draw your own conclusions.

Oh ya, I should probably note that the Chiefs ended up losing 4-3.

-- Johnny Was

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