Sunday, 6 April 2008

FEEL My Anger

As I write this it is now 50 minutes past game time and I, a subscriber to MLBTV am NOT watching the Jays take on the Red Sox this fine afternoon.

"Why?" you might ask would one pony up $80 for this service, be at home and in front of his computer, and not be availing himself of that service?

Oh! I am SO glad you asked!

Because, as has become apparent to me, the good folks at MLBTV are either the most incompetent fucks this side of the U.S. congress, or dishonest underhanded scamming sons-of-bitches (also not unlike the U.S. Congress but that's another story).

In SEVEN consecutive attempts, I tried to click on the 400K connection I paid for only to be taken (after considerable delay) to the page which says, in more businesslike language, "Whoa there little buckaroo, you did not pay for the 700K connection you clicked on (The hell...? 700? There is no 700, there is 400 -which I bloody well clicked on each and every fucking time - 800, and 1.2) but you may click "here" to pay $30 more to upgrade."

Yeah? Ya think? Fuck you right in the ear! I am not getting decent service for the money I already spent and I'm gonna send you more? Not fuckin' likely!

So, I figure, why not ask technical support what the deal is...try to be reasonable. Be my guest, gentle reader, go ahead and find the "technical support" link on the MLBTV pages. Better pack a fucking lunch when you go though.

I go so far as to restart my computer in the process, by the way, just to be sure it's not me, and still I get monumental wait time to be taken to the WRONG DAMN PAGE!

As I write this, I finally have connected to the game - almost an hour in and after NINE total attempts! Yup, nothing like positive word of mouth to increase business.

Definitely enough to turn one to the dark side . . .


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