Thursday, 24 April 2008

Double Take

Brandon League - You still know who that is right? I know, been a while since we heard the name and all. So I figured being his biggest supporter I'd give you an update on how he's done so far.

He was sent down what, around April 10th? Well he's pitched in 3 games so far. I thought they said he was being sent to AAA to know...pitch often. But hey, what do I know? Anyways, so far he's pitched 4.1 innings, with a 3.5 GB:FB ratio, and 4 K's. Awesome, right? Oops, he's still walking every other batter - he now has 5 BB to go along with his 4 K's.

My solution - Brandon obviously can't see the catcher - he needs new prescription glasses! Duh! Get on it, Brandon!

As for last nights game, it's obvious this team can't string together a rally. Here's a reason why, look at the hitters batting sixth to second - Barajas, Zaun, Diaz, Inglett, Eckstein, Stewart.

Yeah, that's really gonna get'er done. We're lucky if we get 2 of those guys on base within the same game. Now, look at the players occupying those spots a week from now:

Rolen, Overbay, Zaun, Lind, Eckstein, Hill.

Now, you can argue about the order of them, but it's pretty clear that those guys are gonna be in that general area of the lineup. Notice how at least 4 of them can hit for power, and all of them have average to above average on base capabilities? They need Rolen & Lind up ASAP - might as well let Rolen adjust in the MLB, cause his replacements aren't doing any better.

But at least with that lineup, there are zero auto outs, which will allow this team to create...and I know this is a foreign concept for the Jays....A RALLY.

The pitchers aren't stupid either. They know the offense isn't getting it done, and I'd bet that they're pressuring themselves to throw a perfect game everytime out, cause let's be honest, we're gonna need one every time out just to have a shot in any game. With Rolen & Lind up here, who make the lineup deeper and allow the team to actually string some hits together, there's a chance that the Jays might score a few runs. And if they do that, I guarantee the pitching will improve knowing that they can allow a run or two (but thats all!) and still have a shot to get a W at the end of the day.


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