Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The Roundup

There are many things in this life that displease me and somewhere on the top half of that list you'd find the following: Dustin McGowan getting slapped around by a bunch of retreads, not pummelling shitballers like Matt Albers, and seeing the Jays getting beat by Kevin Millar. Last night was the perfect storm.

It's pretty hard to figure how the O's are where they are in the standings now because they are indeed looking like the 100-loss outfit many people predicted. Outside of Brian Roberts and Nick Markakis (fuck you, Millar) this collection of limp bats is probably the most unimposing lineup in the AL. Well, maybe Seattle. I truly hope that they meet up with the Giants during interleague play in an epic battle of sad-sack loser franchises.

I'm going to chalk last night's loss up to tiredness, which isn't a lame excuse because Blair used it a week ago to explain the Bosox' lacklustre play on their way to getting swept out of the Rogers Centre like a dirty pile of split plastic beer cups and peanut shells. Remembering that the Jays arrived in Texas at 5 a.m. the day of their Friday night game and didn't get to Baltimore until late on Sunday because the finale there went into extras. Ya, tiredness...

I don't like seeing a key young-ish player like Rios rested this early in the season either, but his mind was clearly wandering on Sunday afternoon and we're about to enter a hellish 5-week stretch with only one off day. Hill will need to be given a rest at some point during that stretch, too.

But yes, losing to the Orioles, ever, under any circumstances, is totally unacceptable. From now on.

Here's some good news from the Nationalist Post: "Scott Rolen walked into the Blue Jays clubhouse and shook hands all around — with his right hand." That's right! The injured one! Rolen Thunder is now capable of throwing and taking some BP (with a jimmy hat on the digit in question), but cannot yet take ground balls. Still, cautious optimism.

Still in the sick bay, Bastian informs us that the extent of Armando Benitez's hamstring injury is unclear. Personally, I'd like to see him get well, be effective and join the big club because there will be some desperate sucker willing to swing a deal for him now that he comes cheap. Yep, even if it means sending Wolfie back down to Syracuse for a bit. "The Black Rod" Barajas is coming along just fine after a minor groin pull on the weekend and will avoid a DL-stint, which is just as well seeing as I don't want to see the club throw playing time at Curtis Thigpen, who's clearly not ready for prime time.

Rando thoughts:

* Brian Tallet, who was spotty last night, has thrown 8.3 innings so far through 13 games. The love needs to be spread around, Gibby.

* Quiet JaysTalk last night. Someone asked Wilner who was going to be starting at shortstop for the Jays next year and I missed the answer due to some blah blah blahing from the missus, which was really too bad because I wanted to hear his answer. One dude I'd like to see JP trade for is Khalil Greene of the Pads. No, seriously, I meant it. He's an above average defender, has some serious pop, will be in his final arb year in 2009 and has expressed a desire to make a move to a club closer to his home in Pennsylvania. Petco is absolutely killing the kid: at home he's a .229/.288/.657 hitter; on the road he's a .279/.332/.511 hitter. Over 2000 career ABs, it's blindingly obvious that the guy needs a change of scenery. Don't get me wrong, Eckstein is a tolerable stopgap this year (and would be more so if J-Mac was coming in as his defensive replacement late in tight games), but I think one year of his wicked 12-6 curveball on throws to first will be quite enough.


* Scott Kazmir is expected to rejoin the Rays' rotation on May 3. As good as he is, the Rays aren't unstoppable when he's on the mound. Just leave the bat on your shoulder and he'll wear himself out with walks and Ks after 5 innings.

* The Yankees paid $30 grand to remove the David Ortiz jersey from their new park...

-- Johnny Was

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The Southpaw said...

I totally agree on the Khalil Greene thing. His hitting style - RH power hitter - is a liability in Petco park cause it limits RH sluggers. But in the Rogers Centre, we're talking a top 5 SS, based on the road #'s. Only thing is, I'm sure I heard the GM say they were gonna give him a 3 year extension or something...