Monday, 14 April 2008

Bloggers fantasy baseball Week 2

Another week's passed by, and another victory for the Toucans. The Toucans had a decisive victory against Born To Ghostrun, winning 7-3-2.

Funny enough, the strategy to stream, and specifically stream pitchers facing Giants paid huge dividends. I got 2 QS, 7 K, an ERA under 3, and a WHIP under 1, which was extremely key in winning the matchup. Tip of the hat to Brian Sabean for making the Giants a bigger joke than Peter Angelos and The O's, not an easy task to do! With the key victory, the Toucans Of Whoopass have made their way up to third place, 4.5 back of Base Belong To Rios. I'll get you get next time, Gadget!

Key reliever Rafael Soriano went on the d/l, so I grabbed Peter Moylan (and you should too) as he'll be getting most of the saves for the Braves in the meantime.

While I was questioned for drafting Longoria in the 11th round (147th overall pick), it looks like it may pay off. Longoria was called up a couple of days ago, and he's already scored once and driven in a run while posting an 833 OPS.

This week the Toucans face off against The Huck Fleners, a team that has built itself around youth and potential. I've already streamed Jose Lopez to grab some extra at bats (hey, before you judge, check his stats...) since few teams play, and every at bat counts. For tomorrow I grabbed personal favourite Hong-Chih Kuo, a lefty for the Dodgers who has taken over the fifth spot over Esteban Loaiza. Kuo has a ridiculous strikeout rate, but it's always been health and control that's held him back.


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Lloyd "the barber" Moseby said...

I'll give credit to Brian Sabean as well. Were it not for Tim Lincecom, my team would have been fully whitewashed.