Thursday, 10 April 2008

My Bad, yo

If I'm gonna be criticizing the likes of Griffin & other famed writers who screw up, it's only fair for me to own up when I do the same. Last night's game is my fault. I know, I didn't make any bad plays, nor did I walk anybody, or allow any runs. But that doesn't change the fact that I did an unspeakable (unbloggable?) thing. I tempted fate.

You see, my last post talked about how Scutaro had a perfect ZR and was an awesome defender. Turns out regression to the mean is a bitch. As you may be aware, he made a couple of plays last night which were less than stellar.

Strike 2 came when Mark Ellis stole not one, but two bases off Zaun, ending his 100% CS. It was bound to happen, but did it really have to happen just a couple of hours after I mentioned it?

The final strike came when I said the Jays offense was not overachieving, and that there was no reason to assume it would cool down. After scoring 5 runs per game, they dropped to 3.

This picture below is the baseball metaphor for my last blog entry...

Once again, my apologizes for tempting fate like that. It was a rookie mistake. Time for me to hit the showers, cause I'm done.


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The Southpaw said...

don't jump, buddy!

I was only teasing!