Tuesday, 1 April 2008

For THIS I pay 80 bucks?!

So, having bit the bullet and ponied up for MLBTV this year (after more than a decade of virtually never watching the Jays in action due to geography) I settle in tonight for my very first game - Doc against the Hated Yanks no less! And what do I get for my very limited cash?

I get the feed dropped no less than three times (annoying as crap but at least tolerable) and, to twist the knife, the third time it drops - in the middle of the 8th inning, I go to reconnect and - SURPRISE!! - the link isn't there any more!

You are reading the writings of one SERIOUSLY pissed off mo-fo right now!

So, I ask you MLBTV veterans, is THIS the quality of service I have to look forward to all season long?

Nothing is good for business like cultivating good word of mouth, eh Bud?



The Southpaw said...

That is pretty much par for the course; over the past two years I haven't ever seen a full game on mlb.tv without having to close the window and reconnect at least 3 times.

That said, it's still pretty effing sweet for anyone who's chained to a desk during business hours.

Anonymous said...

The worst part (admittedly not mlb.tv's fault) is that all of Canada is considered "the Jay's market" so games get blacked out 5000 km away in Vancouver.