Thursday, 10 April 2008

Credit where due

Someone has to do it.

Someone has to stare into the maddening abyss and not only maintain their own sanity but try, against all odds, to impart some to the horde which assails him.

Someone - some lone, valiant, soul - has to sit behind a microphone and try to accomplish a task which makes herding cats look like child's play.

Someone has to listen to the ravings of the Chicken Littles among Jays fandom who call in the the post game show on Fan590, JaysTalk, and somehow, against all odds, NOT descend into a screaming slobbering rant at the insanity of it all.
That someone, that solitary heroic figure fighting a never-ending battle for reason, perspective, and logic is Mike Wilner. Your efforts, sir, do not go unnoticed or unappreciated. We here at The Southpaw salute you.

Yes, this has all the earmarks of a shameless cry for attention and a plug but, in all sincerity, it's not. I really do admire the job Mr. Wilner does. I cannot imagine that I could sit through some of the things he does and not say some VERY nasty things to the morons that call in to bless us with their "wisdom" about the Jays. Yes, the man has my dream job - but I have no trouble admitting that I really don't think I could handle it with as much class as he does.

A tip of the hat was the least I could do.

On another note, I for one confess to being mystified at the Jays' neglect of Brandon League. Fan590 is apparently reporting that Randy Wells has been designated for assignment after all of a single inning in the majors. In his place the Jays have recalled Jessie Carlson. Apparently the team seems to feel that their bullpen is a bit depleted after Accordo struggled on back-to-back nights and Downs went over 2 innings tonight.

OK, fine.

So if that's the case how come League only has one inning? How come Wells only had one? If Wells really can't be trusted to take up the slack (at LEAST as well as Jessie Carlson!) why did we keep him in the first place? And let's not forget last year's Lost Boy Jayson Frasor who, himself, has only 1 2/3 IP.
I have no big hard-on for Wells, though I think it would be nice if we bribed the Cubs to let us keep him, but I do submit that the Jays need to either trust the guys they have on their roster or change them. I'm NOT a Gibbons basher, I think he's more good than bad and I think the criticism of his handling of relief pitchers is overblown. But that said, I can find a rational that makes sense why we need to bolter a pen that has no less than three guys in it who are not getting hardly any work - at least two of whom we know are quality guys.

Accardo has pitched three days in a row now, and Downs isn't gonna be a lock after a hard night tonight. It will be very interesting to see if Gibbons uses the obvious man - Brandon League - if the Jays find themselves in a save situation tomorrow night.


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