Thursday, 17 April 2008

The Roundup

At last check there's no word yet whether AJ Burnett injured himself after last night's unscheduled inning of relief, but rest assured, he will hit the DL soon enough and everyone can start complaining about how wrong it was for Gibby to bring him into the game last night. Do your best to tune those voices out.

When Ron Washington pulled an injured Hank Blalock in the 10th to insert his backup catcher, Adam Melhuse, at third, the Jays brought runners to the corners with one out. Melhuse has played a grand total of 15 games at the hot corner in his 8-year big league career, so Gibby called on Joe Inglett to lay down the squeeze to bring in the winning run, a brilliant call designed to take advantage of a glaring defensive weakness on the opposing team.

Damned if Inglett didn't foul the attempt off, then ground into an inning-ending double play on the next pitch. That folks, was a demonstration of both managerial competence and your TSN Turning Point.

(Ironically, earlier in the evening posted an article praising Inglett's early contribution to the team. Thanks Bastian, prick! We alllllll know J-Mac would've got that bunt down, but he was already out of the game. I'm already composing an email to Griffin.)

What happens when you have 20 minutes to crank out copy and you're dead tired and possibly a little bit drunk after watching a five-hour game in an empty ballpark? Lines like this:

On Wednesday, the Rangers lost a three-run eighth-inning lead, made another critical error and left the whole populace of the Yukon Territories stranded on the bases. And yet, they won by playing Toronto to a stalemate until it was the Blue Jays who collapsed in the 14th inning of a 7-5 win at the echo chamber formerly known as SkyDome.

A hat tip to you, Evan Grant of The Dallas Morning News.

I do admit that we here are more than a little bit excited at the prospect of seeing Big Dave Purcey make his major league debut on Friday should AJ's start be pushed back as Rotoworld suggests. Burnett was visibily pissed off to have to come into the game (and ultimately take the L) a day after throwing a side session and less than 48 hours from his next scheduled start, so it's probably not a bad idea to push him back a day. Purcey was scheduled to go Friday night anyway...

The right-listing Tigers (who have scored 30 runs in their last 3 games) will be a trial by fire for the young-ish southpaw, but I'd rather let him give it a go at them than see AJ totally phone it in.

Did I mention that I'm terrified of the outcome of that Tigers series?

And once Adam Lind gets recalled as an injury replacement for Shannon Stewart Phase 1 of Operation Overlord will have been completed.

Rando notes from Blair:

* Randy David Wells was indeed sent back to the Cubs.

* Scotty Rolen will be playing in simulated games in Dunedin by the weekend. He won't be reactivated until he's 100% ready to go.

And go check out the new "Behind the ish" if you haven't already.


* The Bosox are more than a little bit banged up. Ailing now are Kevin Youkilis and Coco "I don't play no mo'" Crisp.

-- Johnny Was

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