Sunday, 13 April 2008

Look who decided to show up

The Jays are fresh off a sweep, and who better to close it off than BJ Ryan. He looked pumped out there, and was pretty damn sharp too. You could tell he was excited to be back, and it looked like Halladay nearly tackled him at the end of that game during the high-fives. Hell, I forgot there was a guy on third because of how dominant BJ's always been.

Personal favourite Brandon League went down, as Will pointed out due to what I think was criminal underuse. I don't hate Gibbons, but I can't believe he underused League so much. I hope he gets his control back in AAA cause he'll actually be used...

Still, I can't imagine how pumped this team is gonna be in Baltimore for the next series. The "BJ bump", fresh off a sweep, should hopefully lead to the first major winning streak of the season. The first of many

For the next series, Dusty is taking on Matt Albers, who probably isn't expected to go to deep into the game. Marcum's going to take on Steve Traschel, meaning we can expect the game to end by June if we're lucky. I got better things to do than watch Traschel take 20 minutes to throw from the stretch....


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