Monday, 7 April 2008

Bloggers' Fantasy Baseball Week 1

The Toucans Of Whoopass had a pretty solid week against their first opponent - Mulliniks' Staches. After a hard fought week, the two colossal titans fought to a standstill, at 6-6-0. Currently we're 3.5 back of the first place Tao Of Stieb, and .5 back of 6th place. But obviously since we're cooler than the Staches, we are technically ahead of them (they're 8th, we're 7th). So we'll call it a moral victory, and for the first week it's good enough.

I pretty much snuck by this week based on ratio stats (OBP, ERA, WHIP), because most of the pitchers I got only had one start. I picked up Ryan Church, a very underrated player, to help offset Giambi's day to day status.

I dropped Danks, despite the fact I think he'll have a great season. If I'm going to win pitching, I've learned it'll have to be through the counting stats (K, W, QS). Last week I dominated in saves, and I think I'll have a fair amount each week. But with the pitching stats being K, QS, W, ERA, WHIP & S, it's pretty obvious streaming is the way to go. I may lose WHIP & ERA by streaming more often than not, but I'll usually win QS, W, & K by virtues of having more starters. It's risky, but the potential gain is worth it. I picked up Randy Wolf, who's scheduled to face the Giants tomorrow. I'll pretty much scan for whoever faces the Giants, and if that pitcher isn't available I'll grab the next best buy....

As for offense - I've been stealing a lot, but I'm not a "fast" team. And while my HR #'s were lower than I'd hoped, Posada, Giambi, Glaus, & Dunn, my big sluggers, didn't contribute much in the way of offense. So going forwards it shouldn't be too big a deal.

Week 2 will have the Toucans facing off against Born To Ghostrun. In my opinion, I kill him in the infield, but we're both quite strong in OF & utility. I also like my chances in pitching going forward, but it should be a good matchup.


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Lloyd "the barber" Moseby said...

I am quite confident that you will win. I hate my team.