Thursday, 3 April 2008

Sober Ramblings

When we started this thing back in February there were alot of high fives and words of encouragement from fellow members of the Jays blogosphere. We got hat tips from Jonathan Hale, nods to our scrappiness from the Tao of Steib, and DJF didn't even make fun of us (much), which is about the best you can expect from that boner-obsessed lot. But those halycon days seem to have passed us by and the grind of long hours spent fake reporting on the Jays for no pay has set in.

Still, for nostaglia's sake here's a high five for the Mockingbird.

I'm mostly a c'est la vie guy when it comes to blown calls, but I've enjoyed the shit out of the esoteric strike zone charts like this that show just how ass-awful this umpiring crew has been. Fucking New York, I've always felt that the crowd there sways the umps in the Yankees' favour on pretty much every mariginal call. This would seem to back up my hunch. A team of scientists could probably verify that, but I feel comfortable enough shooting from the hip.

Observations of a random nature on tonight's game:

* this lineup desperately needs the manly presence of Matt Stairs, or the less manly, yet still more potent than Stew, Adam Lind, and Scott Rolen if it is to be reckoned with
* it was quite a gamble leaving McG through the 6th considering how wild and ineffective he was; and didn't he have the plague yesterday? But still, we truly do have three aces. muted boo-yah? (we did lose after all)
* as selfish as it was of The Big Hurt to get himself kicked out of the game early on, had he stayed in he would've been K'd embarassingly once again by Joba Chamberlain in the 8th; I'm sure he got a good 45 minutes of excer-biking in before getting a nice long shower before all the hot water ran out
* three games, three fumbles by Aaron Hill? I'm not saying I'm worried, though it has been noticed...
* Bobby Abreu is, always has been, and always will be a C U Next Tuesday.

Well, folks, no Roundup tomorrow because I'm gatherin' up all the kinfolk so we can hop on the John Deere tractor and head up the 401 for the home opener in Toronna. Enjoy the weekend.

-- Johnny Was

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