Saturday, 26 April 2008

Lind Up, Inglett Down

Thanks to Rotoworld for making my day...

Blue Jays optioned infielder Joe Inglett to Triple-A Syracuse.
Inglett hit .303/.351/.394 in 33 at-bats while helping to fill in for Scott Rolen.

Blue Jays recalled outfielder Adam Lind from Triple-A Syracuse.
Lind, who likely would have been recalled as soon as Frank Thomas was released if not for a sore neck, was hitting .356 with four homers for Syracuse. He figures to start against practically every righty the Jays face, making him a nice asset in AL-only leagues. Shannon Stewart should receive less playing time.

The last part makes me very happy.

The Adam Lind era has begun. No pressure buddy, but we really need you to save the offense...


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gabriel said...

Wait, I thought Rolen was our saviour. This game needs a better, or at least a more consistent theology.