Wednesday, 23 April 2008

A Message for MLBTV!

See the photo, m'boys! it expresses my feelings quite directly.

I figure a reliable provider of good service deserves positive word of mouth, and folks like yerselves deserve the opposite.

Ya see, here I sit - AGAIN - unable to view the feed I bought and paid for for reasons unexplained and inexplicable. This makes, I believe, the 3rd major issue I have had in the 19 games in which I have attempted to use the service. That's a 16% failure rate.

Of course it's true that when one has such difficulties one should take it up with the tech support people in the employ of the company you are unhappy with.

I would, of course, be happy to do so and thus hopefully resolve the issue.

Except for one thing: if you greedy inconsiderate bastards have a link anywhere on your site that allows a person to access such support, I'd certainly like for that sumbitch to be a bit more predominant because I can't find the damn thing. Since I can't do that, I come here and i bitch....and I will keep on bitching....until you fuckers get your act together.

It may not hurt you, but at least I have an outlet.


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